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Strategic Storytelling by Derek Easley

Derek Easley has over 25+ years of professional writing experience. His writing portfolio includes copywriting websites, original screenplays, articles, film reviews, and manuscripts. 
When you hire Derek Easley Entertainment for copywriting, he will take the time to get to know his subject matter with great care and detail to formulate the best message for your business/website.

Web Design: About


Megann Easley is a professional web designer and coder that can create a beautiful layout with a unique touch on every page and every subject. A website should be easy to navigate and look clean and current. Everyone that visits a website should have a frictionless interaction and the exchange of communication and goods and services should feel seamless. We educate ourselves on your business and keep the audience and clientele in mind with each click a potential customer makes to your website.

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Make your website stand out by showcasing your work through doing.

This series of photos were taken for a website we designed for a manufacturing and repair warehouse in Santa Ana, CA. You can check out their website by visiting the link below.

Web Design: Portfolio
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