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Apple TV's Black Bird

#Blackbird on #AppleTVPlus is a haunting and addicting show. Based on a true story, 3 episodes have aired so far, and this show deserves nominations. #taronegerton plays #jameskeene, a convicted drug dealer who strikes a deal with the FBI to commute his sentence by infiltrating a prison for the criminally insane in order to buddy up with a serial killer of women to find out where he buried his victim's

bodies. #rayliotta, in perhaps his last performance, plays Egerton's dad, a former cop who worries about his son (Liotta is amazing). #gregkinnear plays the lead Detective Brian Miller, and he is incredible, as well. But #paulwalterhauser from "I, Tonya", "Cobra Kai" and "Richard Jewell" steals the show as creepy and crazy #larryhall, the man who they believe killed over a dozen women & girls. Sicko! Expertly shot and played, slow burn, excellent show. #sepidehmoafi plays the intelligent and beautiful Agent named Lauren McCauley. The show is based on an autobiography, and created & produced by #dennislehane, producer & writer of "Mystic River", #Gone, Baby, Gone", and "Shutter Island". No wonder why Black Bird the show is great!

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