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Three Thousand Years Of Longing

#ThreeThousandYearsOfLonging by master filmmaker #GeorgeMiller is ultimately a love story between #TildaSwinton as Alithea, a lonely academic looking to analyze fantastic stories, and #IdrisElba as the Djinn who has been wrapped up in historical intrigue, war, and romance for centuries, as well as experiencing solitary imprisonment in his bottle.

The two share their tales of love, loss, and aloneness together, and find a special connection. Most of the movie takes place in a hotel room in Turkey, with the two swapping stories.

The film is highly stylized and sweeping. It's also slower and more deliberate than I expected, and that's fine. Instead of the focus being on the genie's adventures, the film mostly becomes an odd-couple, fish-out-of-water tale, and explores how the modern world is inhabitable in more ways than one for a dream-making wish-granter of ancient times.

Superbly acted and shot, with some stunning and beautiful visuals (and a couple of explicit scenes), this movie surprised me, I enjoyed it, but it's not for everyone. It has a great commentary on the wish-making allegory and what it means to be truly content.

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