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HBO's House Of The Dragon

#HouseOfTheDragon gave us a very strong premiere last night on #HBOMax. The palace intrigue is back, as are the dragons! The dialogue is good, the characters are interesting and likeable, and the histories of the families and lands we were obsessed with in the #GaneOfThrones TV show are represented here.

The jousting tournament is thrilling, and then there are some horrifying and heartbreaking scenes, as well (I won’t be specific in case you haven’t seen it). This show takes place almost 200 years before the first one and shows the challenges the #Targaryen family has ruling and naming heirs of succession.

Glad #GeorgeRRMartin is more involved again, and #RyanCondal and #MiguelSapochnik are the new #showrunners, proving that although they deserve historic credit, this franchise can survive and thrive without #DavidBenioff and #DBWeiss.

#MattSmith is the stand-out as the duplicitous Prince #DaemonTargaryen, verbally sparring with #RhysIfans as #OttoHightower, the Hand of the King. #MillyAlcock portrays young #RhaenyraTargaryen, and she’s fantastic, as well. It’s obvious we are in for some twists & turns, politics, war, cool costumes & questionable wigs, sex, fire, betrayal, and witty banter.

Did you watch it? And if so what did you think? Is this the return to form for GOT, or you still a little trepidatious after the final 2 seasons of the first show? My wife, Megan, is cautious still, but we all liked it, my sister, Angi, and I probably more than Meg. The beginning dragged for a couple minutes re-introducing us to this world (shots and shots of riding and walking through King’s Landing), but besides that, I liked almost everything.

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