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Hulu's The Princess

#ThePrincess on #Hulu from #20thCenturyStudios starring #JoeyKing is bonkers fun violence mixed with wit and heart. It's cheesy as well, at times, but I recommend this battle for the kingdom, as it's based on a great idea, and the filmmakers and actors commit to showing us a good time. Kudos to Joey King, who does a lot of the stunt work and fighting herself! The movie is about a princess who awakes in captivity and must battle throughout the tower and castle to save her family from the invading forces of her disgruntled betrothed (she doesn't want to marry him). The fight choreography and swordplay are great, as is the cinematography.

We bumped up against a couple of things: some of the CG and greenscreen is TV movie quality (there's a really bad fire CGI sequence), and a lot of the wigs are noticeable (especially the one on the villainous #OlgaKurylenko as she wields her sharp whip about), and some (not all) of the flashbacks have a foggy lens effect that gets kind of annoying.

#DominicCooper from "Preacher" plays a wonderful baddie Julius, who does anything to get his way and attain power. Turns out he's racist too because he's upset the kingdom of the Princess allows in foreigners (thus how the Princess learned sword-fighting and martial arts from an Asian mentor). The Princess is underestimated by both her family and foes and despite getting beat up and tossed around a lot, she proves ladies can kick butt, too, using her training and battle strategies (she's not a badass just because, she earns it). There's a lot more blood and death than I expected in this film, and I appreciate that! #DerekEasleyEntertainment #DereksMovieReviews #DereksTVReviews #2022Movies #2022TVShows #MovieReviews #TVReviews #FilmIn2022


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