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King Richard

#KingRichard is heartfelt and inspiring. #WillSmith delivers again. A good sports movie, when well-done, with an underdog or outsider, just hits the right feels and makes you cheer. I underestimated this film for some reason (perhaps the marketing?), but I really enjoyed it. Of course, I'm biased towards Will because I've worked him before, and I root for #Venus & #Serena because of their talent, their story, and they're from #Compton, which neighbors my hometown Long Beach! Despite my bias, it still is a well-crafted movie. The younger actors are so good!

Ultimately, this a great film about family. The #WilliamsSisters break into Juniors then Pro tennis against all odds and become trailblazers for black girls & women. (And then of course make history as champions.) Their older sisters support them, as do their mom, and then there's their father, who has this crazy master plan, an almost 80 page book written out based on his research. He networks, promotes, schemes, and comes off as crazy at times, but dang, he was right about his girls! He teaches them discipline, confidence, sportsmanship, puts and emphasis on faith, academics, family time...

I also like that they they didn't depict Richard as a saint. They showed his flaws, and made the film feel balanced. Ultimately, you will enjoy it!

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