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Marketing Tips & Strategies

I’m always on the lookout for strategies to help #DerekEasleyEntertainment and our clients when it comes to marketing. Every week, I read articles, watch videos, and take seminars. I found the bullet points below helpful!

I found all of these ideas super helpful and I've outlined a key number of them that Derek Easley Entertainment provides as well as some that we felt were very important to growing your business.

Written by Katherine Boyarsky (expanded in detail by Derek Easley)

Know your audience

It's no secret social media is often a driving force for most small businesses today. Depending on what your business/brand specializes in can depend on your audience and what they'd like to see. Derek Easley Entertainment can help you with that! We understand that building an audience on each of these different platforms can be a full-time job in itself.

Most social media companies that run your pages can be pricy, Derek & Megan provide reasonable pricing and offer all types of specialized prices and packages for your business.

Often what you need is unique and special to your brand/business - we care about those details and know that's what building an audience is all about - the more eyeballs on your content the better and more likely there is a person out there desperately searching for what you make, let them find you!

Emphasize your value proposition

This can be challenging for many people because often a certain market can be saturated with what feels like thousands of people doing the same thing. This is where you can really lean on your value, experience, and skills to make you stand out from the crowd. Sometimes communication can get jumbled and you may not be clearly stating what your value is. As a part of our value, we can write this out in different forms.

Either on your website, social media posts, using correct hashtags, clearly written details of your services, and showcasing your product in the best way possible.We take pride in creating the best way to communicate your brand and apply Word Of Mouth (WOP) that will drive your business forward.

Stay focused on singular goals and objectives

This can be a tough one because often when running a business requires you to wear multiple hats. The saying “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” can be applied in this instance. Instead of trying to focus on getting several important to-do's done within a single period of time (a day, a week, a month, etc.) try focusing on 1 important accomplishment per day and once that small accomplishment can be made into your daily routine, perhaps add another.

For instance, my wife and business partner, Megan, really wanted to incorporate yoga into her daily routines but found it difficult to start. She decided to get up 30 minutes earlier everyday and spends that time for her mental and physical health. Now its a part of what she does everyday, and I couldn't be prouder of her! I've noticed she accomplishes more in her day and seems more focused at her goals and objectives.

If this means focusing on sales, marketing, client relationships, mental/physical health, or any of the other important things needed to be accomplished in your day - try focusing one just one goal and see how that serves you.

Create a website to own your online presence

Consult agencies and freelancers for web design help (Hello, there!)

Design a logo and other assets

This one can be a dusey - as it can be time consuming and potentially expensive to build a website. There are free options out there but honestly, you will be a bit limited in what you can do and how you can personalize it.

Along with video & photography services, Derek Easley Entertainment provides web design and social media brand design services. Building a website can be overwhelming and expensive. We try to make building your website as easy and frictionless as possible.

Make your money go farther by having experts take care of building it for you. You will get peace of mind knowing a HUGE task is off your plate. Even if you don't choose Derek Easley Entertainment for your web design needs, we recommend using someone who will listen to your ideas and translate them into exactly the look and feel you are wanting to project.

Experiment with photo and video content

The creative video space is pretty saturated with lots of great people who can delivery kick ass video content for your brand/business. But we'd like to say here at Derek Easley Entertainment we can't wait to meet you and we always suggest using video and photography to reach your audience.

As a husband/wife team we work closely with you to customize your photos and video to make it look and feel like its something you can not only be proud of but will help grow your audience, gain a following, and look good while doing it!

We know putting yourself out there can be intimidating and overwhelming, espcially if you're not an extrovert. Belive us when we say, people want to buy your product. They just need to find you first!

Additional helpful tips that we apply to our own business

* Consider blogging to attract prospects for your website.

* Promote yourself on social media.

* Invest in ads.

* Make sure you're capturing web prospects' information.

* Use email marketing to nurture leads.

* Manage relationships with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system).

* Lean into word of mouth as a promotion channel.

* Determine your brand's identity.

* Identify your buyer persona.

* Build your website with a CMS (Content Management System) template.

* Draw up a go-to-market strategy.

* Hire a freelancer to help you scale your content.

* Track your site with analytics tools.

* Boost your Google ranking with SEO.

* Research keyword opportunities.

* Optimize your website for mobile devices.

* Launch business pages on Facebook and Yelp.

* Build out your social media strategy.

* Use social media for customer service.

* Build interesting landing pages.

* Plan an email marketing strategy.

* Offer coupons in newsletters or on landing pages.

* Share your distribution channels on your website.

* Offer a free webinar.

* Try co-marketing.

* Encourage happy customers to share their experiences.

* Set up Google My Business.

* Consider PPC (pay per click) ads with Google & Bing.

* Sponsor products on Etsy & Amazon.

* Leverage user-generated content.

* Develop a referral program.

* Advertise with your local chamber of commerce.

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