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Moon Knight

What did everyone think of the #MoonKnight finale, and the show overall?

The finale has some good reveals and action in it, but the last 2 episodes feels over-stuffed. #OscarIsaac delivers an awesome, multidimensional performance throughout the entire show, #MayCalamawy is beautiful and heroic as Layla, and #EthanHawke is creepy and captivating as Harrow. The adventure aspects of MK are fun (loved the stuff in Egypt, although they actually shot in Hungary, Slovenia, and Jordan due to permitting issues). Moon Knight the hero in costume is very cool (even if he isn't around for most of the show), and there are lots of big ideas and swings in this series; I appreciate how different it is, but I'm not sure they knock it out of the park with a lot of those swings. A portion of the CG and greenscreen looks off, as well.

Megan and I like the show, but we think it needed more than 6 episodes. Also, it feels like a spy-thriller at first, then it becomes a horror film, then an Indiana Jones/The Mummy adventure, then a psychological Shutter Island-like movie, then a mystical fantasy film, then finally it gives us a Marvel 3rd act punch-out CGI-fest/Power Rangers episode. So it tries to be a lot of things, and ultimately its at its best when it focuses on the Mark/Stephen dynamic. The Ennead (Council on Egyptian gods) ends up being kinda weak-sauce, and was strange how they didn't see past Harrow or know of his Cult of Ammit shenanigans...We had issues with the plot at times, but enjoyed the characters and the adventure.

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