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Netflix's Day Shift Movie Review

#DayShift is thoroughly enjoyable with awesome vampire-killing action. This movie is so fun, we rewound scenes to watch it over again. Wish I could have seen it in theaters, and it’s definitely worthy of sequels. #Netflix has a hit! Watch it tonight! Kudos to first-time director #JJPerry, who as a stuntman & martial artist, brings top-notch action & fight choreography to this movie. Double points to the creepy contortionist vampires! The film is beautifully shot with some great drone work, and it’s a love letter to San Fernando Valley, in many ways.

There are a couple of cheesy plot & dialogue moments, but that doesn’t matter, as #JamieFoxx is shotgun blasting away as a Bud the Hawaiian shirt wearing vamp slayer, #DaveFranco is Seth, a totally Beta and out-of-his-element pencil pushing vampire hunter union rep assigned to babysit Bud, and then there’s #SnoopDogg, who has never looked better than as Big John, the badass cowboy vamp hunter.

#MeganGood, gorgeous as ever, plays Bud’s ex-wife Jocelyn, who wants to move herself and their daughter, Paige, to a more stable wife in Florida. Bud is desperate to prevent this from happening but is struggling as a freelance vampire hunter pretending to be a pool cleaner. He needs to come up with the money for Paige’s private school tuition fast, and the best way for him to do that is to re-join the vampire hunters union, which provides the top financial exchange rate for vampire's teeth pulled from dead vamps. The logistics of Bud regaining probationary union membership, and the bureaucracy of the organization & Bud trying not to commit code violations provides much of the comedy in Day Shift. Another cool thing is the mythology and lore that the storytellers develop regarding multiple races of vampires and a history of them existing for thousands of years in Los Angeles and The Valley. Vampires are realtors, now, as well!

My favorite part of the movie is when Bud & Seth team up with the Nazarian Brothers to take down a nest. The Nazarians are badass tactical vamp hunters played by one of my favorite modern action movie stars #ScottAdkins, and #SteveHowey from “Shameless”. I could watch a whole movie of just them!

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