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The Black Phone

#TheBear on #FX on #Hulu was recommended to us multiple times by friends and associates, and then praised by entertainment podcasts I listen to…This restaurant dramedy wasn’t at the top of our list when we had action thrillers like The Old Man & The Terminal List to watch, or superhero or sci-fi shows to catch up on. But heck, we are three episodes in and we’re hooked. #JeremyAllenWhite plays a passionate young chef named Carmy who returns home after a tragedy to his family sandwich shop in Chicago. Carmy worked in award-winning fine dining, and now struggles with the gritty reality of a small restaurant with a kitchen staff set in their old ways. His cousin Richie undermines him, while also beefing with Angela, a new sous-chef who Carmy brings in to help improve the restaurant. Lots of drama and stress follows, and if you’ve ever worked in the food or beverage services industry before, this show will make you feel some type of way! Great acting and stellar cinematography and editing. Who knew a show like this could be this compelling?

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