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The Gray Man Movie Review

#TheGrayMan is well worth the watch, fun with intense fight scenes (often stylistically shot with screen distortions like balloons, fireworks, flares, steam, etc.) dynamic city-spanning chase scenes, and likeable (as well as purposefully dislikeable) characters. It doesn't reinvent the wheel of this genre, but it's fresh enough and well-produced enough to keep you entertained all the way through. As per most modern films, there are a couple of weak CGI moments, but the often practical exotic locations that are featured, as well as the top notch stunts and cinematography shine past the sometimes noticeable VFX shots.

The film is an action spy thriller that stars #RyanGosling as a former convict turned CIA black-ops assassin, code-named #SierraSix, a quick-witted killer with a heart of gold. Six accidentally uncovers secrets of corruption within the agency while he's on a mission, leading to his subsequent defection. A global manhunt is carried out against him by both authorities and guns for hire, as he attempts to unravel this mystery behind an encrypted hard drive within a necklace pendant. Based on the novel series from 2009, which consists of 12 book over subsequent years, by #MarkGreaney, this big budget #Netflix movie is directed by the #RussoBrothers (of Marvel fame), and they've already announced a sequel and a spinoff.

Six is hunted down by #LloydHansen, played by a trash-stash wearing #ChrisEvans (obviously enjoying an anti-Captain America type role), who chews up the scenery as a cocky dirtbag pretty boy jock. The psychotic and tortuous Lloyd will break all the rules he needs to to obtain his target, collateral damage be damned, and in pursuing Six, he kidnaps Six's mentor Fitzroy played by #BillyBobThorton, as well as Fitzroy's niece Claire (an adorable young gal with a heart condition), who Six is fond of and has protected before in a flashback scene.

#AnaDeArmas is great as always, she plays Agent Miranda, who helps Six after she sees the shady ways of the agency. Then there is #JessicaHenwick, who has the most confusing character, Suzanne, as she works for the CIA, babysitting the out of control Lloyd while he causes destruction chasing Six. She is doing the bidding of the corrupt Director Carmichael played by #RegeJeanPage, whom she also obviously detests. She seems to be set up as an Amanda Waller-type character, but it never really feels like she's bad ass enough to fulfill that role, as she takes a lot of crap from the douchebag antagonists.

The story kind of veers of course at times, but there's enough charm to keep you engaged. Look forward to the next chapter!

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