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The Sadness

#TheSadness on #Shudder is absolutely bananas. So gory and profane and grotesque, that I do not recommend it for mainstream movie-watchers, only for hardcore fans of this genre. This #Taiwanese horror film follows a young boyfriend & girlfriend couple trying to find each other against the backdrop of a super contagious outbreak that turns normal people into sadistic violent killer rapist zombies. You read that right. The prosthetics and effects are really well done, the scares are terrifying, and the film is trying to say something about the recent virus crisis, along with commentaries about the politics, media, and economics of the last couple of years...But the real meat of this movie is the torturous kills and scares that top each other scene after scene, pushing the boundaries of what you might expect to see and then crossing said boundaries (we almost turned it off twice). Watch this jaw-dropping film at your own risk!

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