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Top Gun Maverick

#TopGunMaverick was everything we wanted it to be! It was both nostalgic and fresh, a movie that doesn't reinvent the wheel but still has some surprises, it knows what it is (a sequel/requel of an 80s pop-rock military action flick) and embraces that instead of trying to be whatever 2022 studio execs think modern audiences want. Made us laugh, cheer, and shed a couple tears. The flight scenes are great! All the new characters are enjoyable as well, and the film has just the right amount of references to the original without getting lost in references. It's also patriotic, in a time where America is still polarized, this blockbuster can bring most all of together to root for these aviators. We saw the film in #CinemarkXD, so the image and audio were fantastic. The score and sound design of #TopGun2 are excellent. The cinematography and stunts are top notch, also. These actors went through 3 months of flight training, and a lot of the dogfights involve real navy pilots flying with the actors sitting behind them in the cockpits with high end cinema dash cams, reacting and acting as if they are in control. The navy also helped shoot these sequences, flying in separate jets as well with mounted cams following the jets in action that had the actors on board. The movie felt real! #TomCruise delivers, as does #JenniferConnelly, #MilesTeller, and #JonHamm. #Maverick still has the #needforspeed! Director #JosephKosinski, who made Tron: Legacy, Oblivion, and Only the Brave, is proving himself to be quite a talented filmmaker. #DangerZone #TopGun #Paramont #Skydance #donsimpsonjerrybruckheimerfilms #christophermcquarrie

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